EMR COVID-19 End of Life Vehicle process

Our new rules are designed to keep everyone on site safely segregated to eliminate and/or minimise the risks to an acceptable level. Therefore the following key points must be strictly adhered to. Any non-compliance will be taken seriously and you will be asked to leave the site.

When you visit an EMR Vehicle Recycling site please:

  1. Follow self-isolation guidance issued by the Government. Do not attend site if you or someone you live with displays symptoms i.e. a new continuous cough and/or a high temperature.
  2. Call the site before you plan to attend so that they can advise you on the scrap vehicle acceptance process.
    Remember to bring a copy of the V5 documentation for your scrap vehicle with you to site. If the V5 is not available you will be asked to confirm the name and address of the vehicle’s last owner.
  3. You will be required to provide your own PPE. Access will not be permitted without it. We can not issue PPE on site due to the COVID-19 transfer risk and potential cross-contamination. The PPE requirements for ELV delivery is: hard hat and a hi-vis vest or jacket.
  4. You may need to queue for entry outside the EMR site gates. Once there is availability in the yard, an entrance banksman may direct you to the relevant area for weighing or offloading.
  5. When on site please follow any instruction given to you by the EMR staff.
  6. Maintain a minimum separation distance of 2 metres between you and EMR staff at all times.
  7. Stay in your vehicle when weighing and queueing and do not approach the weighbridge window. Signage at the weighbridge will provide a phone number that you will need to call to contact the weighbridge operative.
  8. The weighbridge operative will be able to confirm your details and weigh you in. Once complete, you will be instructed to enter the yard where a member of staff will guide you to the scrap vehicle drop off zone.
  9. When you enter the scrap vehicle drop off area stay in your vehicle. EMR staff will advise when it is safe to leave your vehicle and ask you to prepare it for unloading (if required) e.g. unstrapping wheels.
  10. Removal of any parts on the scrap vehicle will not be permitted.
  11. Once the vehicle has been prepared, retreat to the customer waiting zone as directed. EMR staff will then offload the scrap vehicle.
  12. Once your scrap vehicle has been offloaded, you will be asked to open the boot, bonnet and doors. If there are any loose items within the vehicle you will be asked to move them to ensure EMR can fully inspect your vehicle for prohibited items.
  13. You will be asked to leave your copy of the V5 inside the scrap vehicle and return to the waiting zone. This will be photographed then you will be asked to retrieve it.
    If you do not have the V5 please communicate the name and address of the previous owner to the EMR staff member whilst maintaining a minimum separation distance of 2 meters.
  14. When the inspection of your vehicle has been successfully completed, you will either be asked to proceed to the outwards weighbridge or a member of staff will escort you to the exit.
  15. The physical transfer of any paperwork will not be allowed. Please call the phone number indicated at the weighbridge for instructions on how to process your payment.
    Certificates of destruction will be emailed to you if requested.

If any of the above rules are breached EMR will Stop Work and ask you to leave the site.

Thank you for your cooperation with these site rules and procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you to EMR Vehicle Recycling.