How does the scrap car collection service work?

You fill in your car registration and postcode details and we give you an instant quote. After you accept the scrap car value we will call you to arrange a convenient collection time. Then, we’ll contact you 30 mins before the scrap car recovery vehicle arrives at your address. We will confirm your details and ownership of the car, load your vehicle, then authorise payment before we leave.

What happens if I click 'Accept quote'?

We will ask you for your contact details so that we can confirm your quote and give you a call to arrange a collection time to suit you.

If you’ve chosen to deliver your scrap car, we’ll confirm the address details and opening times of your preferred site.

What if I have given you the wrong postcode?

You do need to give us the correct postcode so that we know where to collect the car from. We don’t add any nasty surprises like collection fees, but we do need to know the location to give you an accurate quote. If your postcode is wrong just re-enter the correct details.

Can I deliver a scrap car to you?

Yes you can. After you enter your registration and postcode details you can take advantage of our home collection service or choose a local site to deliver your vehicle to. Remember to check our guidelines on what to expect when delivering your vehicle.

Do I need to arrange a time to deliver my car to you?

No, we’ll confirm the opening hours of your chosen site so you can call in at any time during those hours to suit you.

How will you pay me for my car?

The most secure and efficient way to pay you is directly into your bank account. When our driver comes to collect your car you will be able to enter your account details into our secure payment system.

If you deliver your vehicle, payment will be authorised at the site.

My car registration is not recognised on your website, can I still sell it to you?

This could be for a number of reasons. Was it registered in the UK? Is it the correct registration number? Has it already been deregistered with DVLA? Contact us to see if we can locate your vehicle details to provide you with a quote.

If I click 'Accept quote' by mistake what happens?

Don’t worry, you would still need to provide us with your contact details before the quote is confirmed.

Wouldn't it be easier to just give me cash for my scrap car?

The SMDA, Scrap Metal Dealers Act, prohibits payment in cash for scrap metal and this includes scrap cars. So beware if anyone offers you cash for your scrap car – they shouldn’t – it is illegal

I have been offered a better price elsewhere

The price of metal does change regularly so make sure that the quote is still valid and that you will be paid what has been quoted. If you would like to discuss the price we have offered you please contact us, as we always try to give you the best price possible.

Do I need to provide proof of identity?

Yes, to be compliant with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, SMDA, 2013 we are obliged to take a copy of your photo ID and proof of address. The simplest form of this ID is a valid UK photo driving licence, or you can provide a passport and proof of your address e.g. a utility bill, bank, credit card, council tax statement which is dated within three months, but not a mobile phone bill.

How quickly will I be paid?

We authorise payment by same day bank transfer at the point of collecting your car. You will receive an email/text from us straightaway to say that the transaction is being processed.

Will you give me a receipt for my scrap car?

Your payment confirmation email/text will also be your receipt for your scrap car. If you lose these details you can contact us and we will reissue the confirmation. In addition you can request a CoD, certificate of destruction, for your vehicle by email.

Do I need to do anything to the car before it is collected?

Just make sure you have taken out all of your personal belongings, we cannot return anything once the car is collected.

Does my car have to be clean?

No, but it should be emptied of any waste, garden rubbish, rubble etc.

One or more of the of the tyres are flat

Ideally the tyres should be inflated to enable rapid collection. If this is not the case please let us know in case we need to allow a little extra time to pick up your vehicle.

My car is more than 10 years old, will you still buy it?

Yes, we will purchase cars of all ages, makes and models.

My car is missing parts will you still buy it?

Our quote is based on a complete car including key parts such as the engine, catalytic converter, gear box, wheels. If you have items missing contact EMR Vehicle Recycling and we will adjust our quote to match you vehicle.

My car is badly damaged, will you still buy it?

Yes but do tell us when we call to arrange collection, in case the extent of the damage affects our quotation to you.

Can I keep my personal registration plate?

Yes. If you wish to keep your personal plate you must arrange this with DVLA before we collect your car. See the DVLA site for details on retaining/transferring a personal plate: https://www.gov.uk/personalised-vehicle-registration-numbers

Do you charge a fee to collect my car?

No, that is all part of our service to you.

Do I have to be at home when you come to collect my car?

We need someone to be at home at the time of collection who is either the owner or authorised to sell the car.

Which documents do I need to give you?

We ask for your V5C, that is your red, A3 sized registration document. https://www.gov.uk/scrapped-and-written-off-vehicles/scrapping-your-vehicle

I can’t find my V5C (Registration document)

We can still buy your car from you, since the V5C is not proof of ownership. Confirmation of ownership will be asked for as part of the process. We will inform the DVLA that your vehicle has been scrapped and you will be issued with a CoD.

What else should I give you?

The car keys and the locking wheel nut key if the car has one.

What if I don’t have the keys to my car?

This need not be a problem, but do let us know when we call to arrange the collection time.

When can you collect my car?

Collection is available 24/7 so, subject to availability of your preferred time slot, we will do our best to book a time to suit you.

How long does the collection take?

The whole process should only take around 15 minutes if your car is accessible.

What if I am late or can’t be at home at the time we agreed?

Please contact us to let us know so that we can rearrange the collection time. Our contact details are on the confirmation email/text that we will have sent you.

I have outstanding finance on my car, will you still buy it?

Sorry, no.

Do you buy commercial vehicles?

Please contact us directly to enquire.

Does my car still have to be insured when you collect it?

No, but remember while it is on a public highway it should still be insured even if it is not drivable.

Do I need a Certificate of Destruction (CoD)?

Your CoD is proof that you are no longer responsible for the car and that it has been disposed of legally and responsibly. We will email you a CoD upon request. Remember a CoD can only be given by a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) which is another good reason for arranging to scrap your car through EMR Vehicle Recycling – we only scrap your car at registered ATF sites.

Do I need to complete the V5C?

You can complete section 9 of the V5C/3 and send this back to DVLA. We will take the remainder of the V5C with us and, if you request it, send you the CoD.

Who tells the DVLA that my car has been scrapped?

Your car will be scrapped at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) where your car is deregistered with DVLA and the CoD (Certificate of Destruction) is issued. We will send you a copy of the CoD upon request.

What happens if I change my mind?

Of course we hope you don’t, but if you need to cancel collection we would really appreciate a call or text to let us know – you can find our contact details on the confirmation email/text. If you simply need to rearrange the date or time we can do that for you.

Can I comment on your service?

Yes please, we are always happy to hear from our customers so that we can deliver the service that you expect.

You can send us your feedback by clicking here