Have you made your car ‘Winter-ready’ yet?

As at last we begin to feel the temperatures dropping spare a thought for your car and your safety.

According to many of the motoring organisations, winter call-outs roughly double as the icy weather hits. There is plenty of advice around about keeping your car  in best running order and probably we all know much of it already – but don’t forget to check before you get stuck in that snowdrift!! Here are just a few reminders:

  • Antifreeze – Make sure you have topped up the coolant system with the right ratio of cold temperature antifreeze.
  • Screen wash – Don’t get caught out peering through frosty panes. Make sure you have filled up with winter temperature screen wash in the right proportion. You can buy pre-diluted if you’re not sure about volumes.
  • Windscreen, rear and side windows – winter sun can make visibility difficult. Minimise glare by cleaning the glass inside and out.
  • Battery – If it’s more than five years old think about having it checked. Batteries are the most common cause of winter breakdowns.
  • Fuel – it’s wise to keep topped up in case you’re held up in traffic or by the snowplough!
  • Lights – salt on the road, slushy driving conditions can lead to dirty headlights more so than normal so check and clean headlights, brake lights, indicators and reversing lights.
  • Tyres – Make sure you have at least 3mm of tread for winter driving. Winter tyres are not compulsory in the UK but are designed to be good at gripping wet, cold roads – below 7 oC.

Drive safely,

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